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We have been always committed to serving resellers,
never to end users, ensuring we are always a partner to
our reseller customers, never a competitor.

Together we can make the difference!

While some may assume the distributor is a middleman who drives costs up for the channel, the opposite is true at Captaurus. We take on many of the services and programs that the manufacturer or reseller would have had to manage themselves, such as marketing and warehousing for the manufacturer, and technical support, education, training and professional services for the reseller, among many others.

Relieving manufacturers of these value-added functions, allow them to enjoy a reduced cost of sales and intensify their focus on their core mission of pioneering and manufacturing new technologies.

Our Story

Like many of our partner, we began as a distribution start-up business from the soil
of Saudi Arabia, the land of “TIJARA” (trade) and 25th largest export economy in
the world as of today.

Our aim was to bring innovative solutions bundled with value-added services that
positively impact business results in the region.

Rawasi  Aseel for Security Devices Est. emerged in 2013 and established captaurus.
Since then, we have been committed to only selling to resellers, never to end users,
ensuring we are always a partner to our resellers, never a competitor.

Our Vendors

Captaurus is one of the KSA’s prime security distributors. We help major companies, technology providers to bring their products to market, offer a wide range of technical and business support services.

We certify, train, instruct and support our reseller customers, and help configure, install and finance their purchases. Many of the hardware devices and software applications that you come across in your daily life have passed through our logistics centers on their way to the market.

Become a Partner

Discover new business opportunities through a partnership with captaurus.
Simply call us and we will be happy to discuss your interest in partnering with us.



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