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News desk : Cyber Security

An article citing about funding from a government bank to HikVision for political purposes draws some serious concerns such as cyber security.

After getting $3 billion financing from the Chinese governmentHikvision celebrated opening their own Communist Party company committee [publihsed article by IPVMon June 12].

Further, it is also mentioned that how given funding might be used for non-R&D purposes such as:

Cyber Spying

China runs an advanced cyber spying program against the United States and other Western countries. Having millions of Hikvision cameras inside foreign networks is very valuable for Chinese government spying. Hikvision already has the worst track record in video surveillance for cyber security breaches. We suspect that Hikvision’s errors are primarily due to incompetence but given their government ownership and the importance of cyber spying to the Chinese Communist party, this is a serious risk and a tempting target.


Author: John Honovich, Published on Jan 12, 2016

At another point, privacy rights have also taken into the consideration.

Privacy Rights

Privacy, even of its own citizens, is a far secondary concern to monitoring and stopping those who would criticize or oppose them. If the Party believes that spying of anyone is for the good of the Party / China, there is no law or internal check that will prevent them from doing it. This is of particular concern given Hikvision’s growth in cloud services / Ezviz. What will Hikvision do to ensure that the Party does not get access to cameras inside American and other countries’ homes?

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