People Counting System

Captaurus offers analytical solutions by Prodco. Prodco’s managed services ensure the integrity of all traffic information collected from all devices and provides real time delivery options. You focus on your core business while Prodco manages, collects, audits and delivers actionable traffic based analytics.

Retail Oriented Features

  • Real time data collection
  • Guaranteed data accuracy with recorded validation
  • Nightly data auditing and imputing
  • Secure data warehousing protects all data
  • Never worry about hardware and firmware upgrades
Optimize Store Performance

Traditionally retailers use past sales to gauge store performance and transactions to schedule labor hours while Marketing relies solely on incremental sales to quantify the impact (successful or not) of advertising campaigns. However, to truly optimize a store’s potential, start by capturing accurate Traffic data and uncover operational opportunities. Prodco’s web based platform provides comprehensive information on how to resolve operational inefficiencies and missed opportunities.

  • Automatically calculate; conversion rates, service levels, trends, etc.
  • Indentify best and worst performing locations
  • Quantify traffic gains/losses from Marketing campaigns
  • Identify traffic patterns throughout the day, week, month and year
  • Tailor customer to staff ratios to match your business service model
  • Align your staffing levels against traffic patterns
  • Access information quickly and easily anytime from anywhere
  • Web based real time Dashboards
  • Customizable reports sent to your inbox
  • View from PC and Mobile devices

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