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Unlimited customization options. Flexible and hassle free video wall processors and narrow bezel display systems.

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Uniview is pioneer and leader of IP video surveillance with more than 639 patents, 2nd largest player in the high-end video surveillance segment in China with 20% annual sales invested into R&D. Above all it has more than 167 different product types available under IP range

Driving and accelerating business solutions with technical support and premium products.

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Captaurus experts help partners to build solutions that are more complete than ever before. Meeting customer's needs and creating profitable growth is part of our customer driven approach.


We invest time & energy in enablement programs that actually help partners grow. We build programs that are designed to identify and support growth in partner's offerings .


Captaurus accuracy, speed and efficiency is default mindset of doing things. The ability to deliver the solutions and to assure that how they’ll arrive, is reflection of our commitment to excellence.


Flexible Chrome OS, delivering powerful, reliable and secure apps for signage, kiosk and POS markets

The Chromebox Commercial sets itself apart from any Chromebox, being a commercial grade device, which makes it ideal for powering digital displays and vertical applications across a wide range of industries: from kiosks and public transport systems to high traffic retail environments. At only 25mm high it’s designed, to fit behind displays and can be integrated into kiosks or POS systems, to be hidden from sight.

  • The experience

    AOPEN’s Commercial Chromebox is a shock and vibration resistant solid-state device with a wide-operating temperature range (up to a maximum of 60°C/140°F*). Features like built-in hardware encryption and verified firmware boot means that retailers and clients can be confident that they will be protected from unauthorised breach of information or updates.

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  • The innovation

    All Commercial Chrome products come with options for either a yearly or a perpetual Chrome Device Management license to allow administrators to manage their organization’s Chrome devices from a single place. There is a standard three-year warranty on the device or an optional five-year warranty that can be chosen. As with all AOPEN devices, there’s long product life cycle support.

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Value-Added Services

Captaurus helps resellers to strengthen and grow their businesses through value-added services, such as inventory management, marketing, technical support and superior customer service The Company reinvests in value-added services – its competitive advantage – to meet vendors and customers’ needs

Global License Plate Recognition Solution

CARMEN® ANPR is designed to read all vehicle license plate types in the world in any traffic speed. Toll collection and congestion charging systems, traffic monitoring and security, speed and journey time measurement, bus lane and traffic light enforcement, parking or access control and many other systems can benefit from the fast, exact, automatic identification and recognition capabilities of this ANPR/LPR engine.

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Because you want, a partner who can help you to beat the competition, work together to close more deals and discover greater profitability! At Captaurus, we do that every single day by investing in the right resources, programs and people to help you create profitable growth. Moreover, when you work with a distributor who brings this kind of value to every relationship, you are getting everything you need to ensure the success of your business.

  • We Truly believe anything is possible, we take risks, we are focused and we hustle.
  • Always try to contribute bigger.
  • Process-centric "outside the box" thinking.
  • Superior collaboration and idea-sharing.
  • Respect partners and never compete with our partners by selling directly to end-users.

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